©Satoshi Tsuchiyama

1983 (2015)

1983 is a solo piece by Kensaku Shinohara.

Through a series of highly physical exercises, he brings humor, narrative and different landscapes in the space.

Created and performed by:

Kensaku Shinohara


September 14, 2015, Movement Research at Judson


St. Mark's Church Food for Thoughts, NYC, curated by Mina Nishimura, 2016

Yokohama Dance Collection EX, Japan, 2015

Hokkaido Contemporary Dance Exhibition, Japan, 2014

Chez Bushwick WIP showing, 2014-2015

Body with intention, body-ness and unique humor I see through his humble presence, are unnoticeably creating comfortable rhythms and attracting. I like it.

- YUKIO SUZUKI (dancer/choreographer)

『穏やかな佇まいから垣間見える意志のある体と身体性、独特のユーモアはいつの間にか心地よいリズムを生み出し引き込まれる、気に入ったね 鈴木ユキオ』

Written by Ursula Eagly (dancer/choreographer)

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