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Dec 12: Crushed Muffins IV @ The Works Studio, NYC (7:30pm)

in collaboration with Sarah Lifson

*showing two new films


Nov 29: monster @ CPR, Brooklyn 




Oct 30: Math Time by Evolve Dance West @ Zuzi Dance, Tucson, AZ


Oct 10: MathTime Informal Showing @ Animas, Tucson, AZ (5pm)


Oct 7: Teaching @ Artifact, Tucson, AZ (7-9pm) Free Workshop!

Oct 7: Teaching @ Pima Community College, Tucson, AZ


Oct 3-11: MathTime @ Tucson, AZ

in collaboration with Evolve Dance West Company


*featured on Weekly NY Seikatsu issued on 9/26


Sep 14: 1983:solo @ Judson Church, NYC (8pm)


Aug 24- Sep 4: Teaching @ Gibney Dance 280

Warm Up for Choreography




July 26: Trio & MathTime @ Sapporo Education and Culture Hall, Sapporo, Japan


July 25: dancing for Haru Tanaka's piece @ conte, Sapporo, Japan


July 23: Teaching @Shinkawa High School dance society, Sapporo


July 22: Teaching @conte, Sapporo


July 20: commission for Chisa Tsubota's project




July 8-9: Trio @ The Box in Milwaukee, WI

in collaboration with Mauriah Kraker


June 18: Trio @ NYU Tisch 

in collaboration with Alex Tenreiro Theis, Jessica Mantell, Ho-Ju Wu


June 18: Moondog project with Giada Ferrone @ NYU Tisch


Mar 28: WIP @Chez Bushwick, Brooklyn


Feb 25-Mar 1: Dishman & Co. @ Emory University, Atlanta




Feb 14: Hokkaido Contemporary Dance Exhibition @ Sapporo, Japan


Feb 11: Workshop for Flash Mob+ @ Sapporo, Japan


Feb 8: Yokohama Dance Collection Showcase, Japan


Feb 7: Yokohama Dance Collection EX competition I, Japan


Jan 30: Whenever Wherever Festival, Tokyo, Japan


Jan 23-24: Elizabeth Dishman at Triskelion Arts

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