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August 21, 2017


Presenting "Penguins" in the end of October in Akita, and choreographing for a play in Tokyo this October & November in Tokyo. Stay tuned!

July 30, 2017

Judson Date

Judson Church date is confirmed as October 2, save the date!

Off to Japan till September 7, see you there!


July 25, 2017

Good Bye solo at IIAC

Thanks for those who witnessed my solo at IIAC/Earthdance! It was very deep experience.

I am off to Japan for a month in two weeks!

IIAC/EarhdanceでのGood Byeソロバージョンの発表が終わりました​。まもなく日本です!

June 23, 2017

GoodBye solo

If you are in Vermont, come to Marble House Project on July 11, Tuesday 6pm.

I will present Good Bye solo version.

​バーモント州にてGood Byeのソロバージョンを発表します。

June 09, 2017


Performing at Judson Church this fall again.

Love the space..


June 04, 2017

We are shooting video for Good Bye project.

Will share soon!

Good Byeの新しいビデオを撮影します!

June 03, 2017

92Y Harkness Dance Center AIR

Officially selected as a 92Y Harkness Dance Center Artist-in-residence 2017-18.

A new project will be developed and shared. Stay tuned!


June 01, 2017

Marble House Project & IIAC

Leaving NYC in 3 weeks for Marble House Project & IIAC.

Developing solo and videos for new project!



May 25, 2017

Trio & playtime

Trio(2014) and playtime(2015) will be restaged this winter at 92Y, NYC!

Details to come.. 


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