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Good Bye

Premiere: July 19-25, 2021


50 minutes

Choreographed and Performed by Kensaku Shinohara

Good Bye is a response to challenging socio-political questions I've formed over the last 11 years as a Japanese person living in NYC. Some of these are: Why don't people talk about racial discrimination when it is right in front of them? Why there is not a Asian Rights section at Strand Books when there is a Black Rights section? I see some heterosexual men say in public that they respect women, but when they are in private they use exploitive pornography, isn't this a contradiction of values?   


Cara Angela Liguori, Dorian Wallace, Carl Limbacher, Max Maples, Mei Yamanaka, Akiha Yamakami, Leah Morrison, Madeline Adelle Phillips, Larissa Asebedo, Magda Kaczmarska

Supported by:

92Y Harkness Dance Center AIR 2017-2018

Queens Council on the Arts New Work Grant 2018

Exploring the Metropolis AIR 2018

Marble House Project AIR 2017


Exploring the Metropolis, Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning, NYC (5/2/2018) 

DraftWork, NYC (2/3/2018)

92Y Harkness Dance Center APAP, NYC (1/12-13/2018)

Movement Research at Judson Church, NYC (10/2/2017)

IIAC, Earthdance, MA (7/22/2017)

Marble House Project, VT (7/11/2017)

Annual Benefit Party, CPR, Brooklyn (4/3/2017)

Chez Bushwick WIP showing, Brooklyn (3/7/2017)

Informal showing at CPR, Brooklyn (1/7/2017)

© TheFleet


© Satoshi Tsuchiyama

In collaboration with

Funded by

"Seemed very rational and clean, but then... growing chaos...very satisfying"

- Bilqis Hijjas, President of My Dance Alliance

monster (2016)

Premiered at Queens Museum / December 3-4, 2016


Kensaku Shinohara


Viera Janárceková, Crazy Wisdom (year unknown)


Athena kokoronis and Kensaku Shinohara


Courtney Barth, Nola Sporn Smith, Mei Yamanaka and Kensaku Shinohara 


Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance, 2016

Kelly Strayhorn Theater, PA, 2016

WIP showing at Center for Performance Research, 2016

Residency with Mana Kawamura, 2016

Residency with slowdanger, 2016

Showdown, Gibney Dance Center, 2016

This work is made possible by the Queens Council on the Arts with public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council and Japan Foundation New York.

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