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©Satoshi Tsuchiyama

MT (2016)


MT uses the Japanese form “Hitofudegaki” which means drawing without lifting the pen from the paper. It is a game used
by all ages in Japan. In this system the person drawing is able to create a complex geometric shape without tracing over the same
line twice. In the dance, Hitofudegaki shape becomes the floor pattern for the dancers. The movement is minimal and consists of walking, turning, running and jumping. I chose these simple elements in order to support and maintain focus on the floor pattern.


2 dancers, 20 minutes

Choreographed by:

Kensaku Shinohara

Performed by:

Nola Sporn Smith and Courtney Barth


November 19-20, 2016, Brooklyn Studios for Dance

Artist-in-residence, shared bill with Yoshiko Chuma


Residency at Brooklyn Studios for Dance, 2016

Residency with CONTE-SAPPORO, Japan, 2015

Residency with Evolve Dance West, Tucson, AZ, 2014

Dance for DNA, Dance New Amsterdam, NYC, 2012

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