©Yoichi Tsukada

playtime (2015)


playtime is a structured improvisation in collaboration with Gabrielle Revlock, where different choreographers take turns directing a cast of artists. As the piece progresses the choreographers become performers and everyone becomes a director. 

Choreographed by

Kensaku Shinohara in collaboration with Gabrielle Revlock

Collaborator 2018

Masanobu Asahara and Larissa Asebedo

Collaborator 2015

Gabrielle Revlock, Yuki Nishiyama and Yuki Nakano

Dance Introduction Series, 92Y (NYC, 2018)

Yokohama Dance Collection EX I (Yokohama Premiere, 2015)

Whenever Wherever Festival (Tokyo, 2015)


This work was made possible with the generous support by Ms. Sumie Yonei and campaign donors.

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