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©Viktor Čahoj

"The class was very well designed and I learned a lot." - L.W. (dancer)





Contemporary Technique


We will start with deep breathing in the body, feeling our natural weight and becoming conscious of every part of the body. From there, we will expand into larger movement. I will guide students in short phrases that play with space, musicality and dynamic movements like jumping and running. Class will culminate in a bold, longer phrase.



Contact Improvisation


We will start by playing games that improve communication and trust so that we can safely take risks and explore the possibilities that arise from weigh sharing and contact. I will lead physical exercises that build specific skills such as using your head and receiving weight. We will then go into more complicated movement ideas such as decision-making and the use of the whole space. We will keep switching partners and the class will culminate in an open jam so students can explore freely on their own, putting into practice some of the tools I have shared.





We will begin with warming up the brain and eyes so that we can start to see the space differently. Using games, drawing, physical exercises and various compositional tools we we will learn how to build and deconstruct quickly without any self-judgment. The goal is not to finalize the work, but rather to learn to generate material instinctively and identify the pure essence of the material.  


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