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December 3-4

12:30pm & 3pm

monster (NYC Premiere) @ Queens Museum, NY 

Split bill with Gabrielle Revlock

FREE (donation suggested for the museum entrance)


November 19-20

8pm (SAT), 7pm (SUN)

MT @ Brooklyn Studio for Dance, Brooklyn

Split bill with Yoshiko Chuma


November 18, 8pm

monster @ BAAD!, Bronx, NY


November 15, 8p

solo @ CPR, Brooklyn, NY



November 6

Workshop @ Studio RADA, Tokyo

11月6日 スタジオRADA(東京日本橋)オープンワークショップ (3-5pm) web Facebook

November 5 

MT, 1983, a new work and the workshop showing @ G-screw, Tokyo, Japan 

11月5日 G-SCREW(東京荻窪)レパートリーショーイング (2:30pm + 5pm) チケット予約

November 3

Workshop @ Studio RADA, Tokyo

11月3日 スタジオRADA(東京日本橋)オープンワークショップ (7-9pm) web Facebook

November 2

Workshop @ Hitsuji Buyodan, Sapporo University, Japan

11月2日 ひつじ舞踊団(札幌)ワークショップ


October 30

Collaboration with Hal Tanaka @ Kotoni Patos, Sapporo, Japan

10月30日 田仲ハル舞踏出演(札幌琴似パトス)web


October 26, 27, 28

Workshop @ Yumiko Ballet, Sapporo

10月26−28日 上原由美子バレエ研究所(札幌)ワークショップ

October 10-21 

Guest Teaching/Choreographing for Seed Dance Company + Tainan University of Technology

@ Pingtung, Taiwan

10月10−21日 種子舞踊団+台南科技大学(台湾)振付・ワークショップ

October 8

Workshop @ Shinkawa High School, Sapporo, Japan

10月8日 新川高校(札幌)ワークショップ

September 25 - November 3 

Creation workshops @ G-screw, Tokyo, Japan

9月25日ー10月23日 G-SCREW(東京荻窪)創作ワークショップ 詳細

September 24

Guest choreographying for Mob+ @ Sapporo, Japan

9月24日 MoB+(札幌)振付ワークショップ

September 17

monster Informal showing @ CPR, Brooklyn (7pm)

with Megan Bascom and Dancers


September 9 

War and Piece by Gabrielle Revlock @ Joe's Pub, NYC

July 21

War and Piece by Gabrielle Revlock @ Chez Bushwick, Brooklyn


May 13

monster duet @newMoves Contemporary Dance Festival, Pittsburgh


May 4

MathTime: excerpt @ Brooklyn Studio for Dance, NY


April 25 - May 2 

teaching @ Brooklyn Studio for Dance, NY (Mondays 6-7pm: $10)


April 30

1983 @ Food for Thoughts, St. Marks, NY (8pm. Curated by Mina Nishimura)


April 28

1983 @ WIP showing, Chez Bushwick (5:30-7pm. Free admission)



Apr 9-17

strat - Commissioned by Canadian Contemporary Dance Theater, Toronto, Canada

(In collaboration with Nicole Nigro)




April 1

strat / talk event @ "school of dance", Sapporo Education and Culture Hall, Sapporo, Japan (7pm)

In collaboration with Nao Odagawa and Yumiko Uehara Ballet


March 31

Lecture "Let's watch dance" @ CONTE-SAPPORO, Sapporo, Japan (7:15-9:15pm)


March 27

workshop @ Takako Ballet, Sapporo, Japan (4:30pm)


March 13

workshop @ Marbles, Tokyo, Japan


March 3- April 3

Choreography for the musical Ghost Light by Model Production 2016, Tokyo, Japan

(Director: Masumi Koguchi)




February 22-26

monster: Residency / Showing (26th: 8pm) @ The Space Upstairs, Pittsburgh, PA

in collaboration with slowdanger (Taylor Knight / Anna Thompson) and Roberta Guido


Febuary 21

monster solo @ ShowDown at Gibney Dance, NY



February 12

Teaching @ Architanz, Tokyo, Japan (7-9pm)


February 12 

Teaching @ International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan (12:30-2:30pm)


February 11

monster @ Cocolaboratry, Akita, Japan (3pm & 5:30pm)

In collaboration with Mana Kawamura


February 11

Teaching @ Cocolaboratry, Akita, Japan (11am-12:30pm)


February 7

dancing for Hal Tanaka @ Patos, Sapporo, Japan

February 7

strat @ Patos, Sapporo, Japan

in collaboration with Nao Odagawa, Shiori Matsuo, Chinatsu Horikawa


February 4-5

Teaching @ Yumiko Uehara Ballet Studio, Sapporo, Japan

January 29

Teaching @ PKTB, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 


Jan 28

Showing @ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

in collaboration with Ng Chor Guan / Dance=Music series


Jan 28

Teaching @ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (4-5:30pm)


Jan 25

Teaching Modern&Composition @ Seed Dance, Pingtung, Taiwan (1:30 & 4pm)

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